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You have absolutely nothing to worry about. You will be paired with a top-rated towing service with a location closest to your current location. Augusta Towing is the best name in the towing business selection industry. ​

Courteous Services

We select only highly-rated towing teams who are thoroughly vetted to be professional and treat you with respect while making sure that your problem is solved. You will be entirely at ease on your first call, and the towing company will make sure that you face issues no more.

Competitive Tow Rates

You’re not having the best day if your car is on the side of the road, we get it. Don’t worry about any exorbitant costs, we only pair you with services that are great for the prices. Whenever you’re looking for the best towing company nearby, we ensure you actually get paired with the best.

mechanical expertise is Just One Call Away


Quick Response Times

We get it, trying to call a towing company after a roadside incident, although necessary, isn’t the most fun thing in the world. With our vast network of mechanical experts on the road, you’re sure to have no trouble in getting serviced quickly.

Augusta Towing - Pairing You with A Top Rated towing company in Augusta Georgia For Over a Decade

We have dedicated ourselves to serving the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with prompt, courteous service, quality work, and complete customer satisfaction. No matter what time it is or where our customers need to be serviced, we are there for them. We carefully handle any of your towing needs. As well as roadside assistance, to hauling of large equipment. Whenever you need a reliable tow service, we are here for you.

Our approach is centered on the customer-first

This is why our business has been established as one of the best towing company to person networks online. Insurance providers, motorists, and law enforcement agencies use Augusta Towing for for all types of services. We have built a strong reputation with our dedication and commitment to quality. Work with a qualified business to accommodate all of your unplanned and emergency situations. This way, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected problems – you can call us directly, and we will be at your service.

Providing towing, parking enforcement and recovery services, we've worked with residents of the CSRA to acquire the absolute best towing services when they need them most.

Why Augusta Towing?

Minor emergencies could cost your time & safety. Whether it is a dead battery, a burnt out fuse, a flat tire, lost keys, an empty gas tank, failed brakes, and so on; we ensure a tow truck is just a call away with all the necessary equipment to fix the problems, getting you back on the road in no time.

Get a new battery delivered, have a professional come out to you and jump start your car, get your car unlocked, bring you gas, replace a burnt out fuse, change or repair a flat tire, fix a leaking fuel line, repair brakes, and more. We can also send you a driver if you just cannot continue driving for any reason. If your vehicle problem cannot be fixed quickly, we tow you to the nearest reputable and affordable auto repair shop. These types of problems do not usually attract penalties from insurance providers, and are also reimbursable in many cases.

Augusta Accident Assistance

Not Sure If You Need a Tow?


Serious breakdowns hamper your commutes. If your brakes are faulty, the fuel pump is erratic, or you have broken shock absorbers – you increase the risk of more serious damages. If you ever aren’t sure, it’s better that you call us for assistance before a total breakdown occurs.

In the event of total break down or a serious accident, we assist by getting you on the phone with a towing service nearby and organizing for alternative transport. While you may choose and trust your own mechanic to do the repairs, we can offer helpful suggestions on qualified and reliable repair shops near the location of the breakdown, thus saving you from costly repair charges.

Before towing a stalled vehicle, we check to see if it can be fixed on-site.

Simply Ask for assistance & get the most trusted towing and recovery services when you need them. There are a number of advantages of having your vehicle towed by a highly-rated towing professional. Save yourself time and the headache of dealing with a not-so-loved company. Our professional mechanics are well-trained to diagnose common motor vehicle problems and fix them quickly whenever possible. Our mechanics are equipped with tools, equipment, machines, advanced diagnostic kits and computers to help in reviving the vehicle on sight. If the problem takes longer to sort out, then we tow it to a repair workshop of your choice or at our premises. A common problem is to jump-start a stalled vehicle. For that, we always have long, commercial-grade jump cables, and a fully charged spare battery (beside the one in the vehicle) which is ready for use.

Professional Towing is safe transportation

Be spared the fatigue that goes with distance travel and your vehicle will be insured against damage. We save your vehicle from the havoc wreaked on your car by long and sustained traveling. The wear, tear, and large numbers on the odometer would adversely affect the resale value of your used car. And finally, believe it or not, it is cheaper to use our service than to do your own driving. If you add up all the hidden costs like the gas cost, the overnight lodging over four or five days (or sleeping in your car – which is not a pretty option), and the excessive fatigue after the journey that leaves you exhausted for days to follow, you begin to appreciate why you should have your car towed instead.

The benefits of hiring a qualified towing company from Augusta Towing

1. Convenience

  • If you're inside your car driving to your destination, you probably will not be thinking of any impending breakdown. But what happens after you get stuck in the middle of the road with a total collapse of your car? Probably you’ve just been seeing broken-down cars pulled over as you drive on the highway. Have you ever thought of being the victim in such a situation? Of course, this applies to you even if you’re yet to have a breakdown or an accident while driving on the highway.

2. A Stress-Free Experience

  • If you’ve had a damaged car at one time, you’ll agree to the fact that it’s one of the most hectic and irritating experience, especially if it happens when you have your children on board or during bad weather. Professional towing companies offer instant and suitable services that can get your car to your favored location. Several people don’t care about towing services till when they are in a catastrophic situation. Here are some of the key benefits of using a towing company in Augusta GA.
towing service needed

DIY Towing - Don't Do It.

Is your car undergoing mechanical issues? Do you need towing services? Well, in the past, most drivers avoided calling towing companies and chose to pull their vehicles with the help of another vehicle. While this is still widespread, it’s not recommended for various reasons. Many things can go amiss and create problems for you as well as other road users. For this cause, you need the services of a towing company. When your car breaks down, the best decision that you have is to contact a reliable towing service to get you and your car off the road.

Don't damage your car.

Yes, we’ve seen this before, so, please, don’t put a contraption on it in an effort to tow it to a safe place. A qualified tow truck service has the right equipment and tools which are essential for their corresponding services. This will guarantee that your vehicle will not incur more damage due to incorrect handling of it. There are equally car owners who believe that a tow truck service is a cost that they cannot pay for. In actuality, reputable tow truck service companies charge sensible labor fees for the professional and expert services they provide.

Is your car undergoing mechanical issues? Do you need towing services? Well, in the past, most drivers avoided calling towing companies and chose to pull their vehicles with the help of another vehicle. While this is still widespread, it’s not recommended for various reasons.

Many things can go amiss and create problems for you as well as other road users. For this cause, you need the services of a towing company. When your car breaks down, the best decision that you have is to contact a reliable towing service to get you and your car off the road.

Here are the reasons why hiring a towing company is your best option:

Proper Equipment

If you fail to hook up your car correctly to another vehicle with substantial reliable chains, it could become loose, and your vehicle might drift off the way and strike a tree causing an accident you did not plan. Even worse, it could drift into the contrary lane and block the road or hit another vehicle. 

Damage Avoidance

You always want to avoid causing damage to the pulling car. If you don’t call a towing company to get you off the highway and decide to use another vehicle instead, the chances are that you might damage the back end of the car pulling your car and the front end of your vehicle. 

Road Experience

It’s not an easy task to keep the wheels moving at equal speed; but it’s easy if you have experience. With the incorrect acceleration and deceleration, the towed car can hit the one dragging it, causing damage to both of the vehicles. It is also challenging to steer a vehicle when it’s not running, making it hard to keep the towed vehicle in a single lane. 

Vehicle Strain

Avoid straining on your car during a tow. You cannot use just any vehicle, even an SUV or small truck to tow a vehicle with an engine that is larger. You will strain the vehicle that is drawing, and this could cause the engine permanent damage. It could also cause the transmission to start sliding. 

Save Yourself Legal Headaches

Abide by the law. In some areas, it is illegal to get your car off the road using ordinary vehicles instead of an actual tow truck. Why? Because it places other motorists and road users in danger. It may cost you a ticket worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Nobody wants that. Using a top-rated tow service is essential because these companies are licensed, insured, and know the local rules and regulations. 

Great Customer Service

The staff at work with towing companies are experts and have the right tools to finish the job swiftly and efficiently. You do not need to worry about making mistakes that might cause injury to other road users or cause damage to a building just because you wanted to save some money.

Don’t Take Risks With Your Vehicles.

Hire a tow service to give you the roadside support that you need and delight in the feeling that having assurance brings. Don’t let an accident or mechanical failure let you down. Calling a professional towing service can be of great aid. Why will calling a trusted towing company help? Well, you’ll get the advantage of quick response emergency roadside support services and more if you’re ever facing matters like flat tires, vehicle lock-out, or your battery dies. Our trusted selection of towing companies will answer your call and help you with any issues.